Interior Design for Office

Did you know that the average office worker spends 9 hours 13 minutes at work each day?
That’s 37% of their waking Life! No wonder the quality of the office environment can play a massive part in staff satisfaction and by implication staff retention! So You’ll want a workspace that’s unique to your business, your available space and your business requirements. It also needs to be functional, sustainable and above all, inspiring! At AB Studio we offer an extensive end to end design service that ensures your workspace delivers on every level.

How do we do this?
We conduct a workspace analysis for you that assesses what you need your space to do, how many people it needs to accommodate and how they will use it, your technology requirements, storage needs and security concerns. Like To Know More? Just Use The Contact To Let Us Know How We Can Help

What we do?
Key Services Involved In Delivering Your Ideal Office Environment:

Workplace Analysis: Who The Space Is For And What Does It Need To Do For Your Team.

Space Planning: Our Experts Will Amaze You With What They Can Do. Not Quite A “Quart Into A Pint Pot” But Close

Interior Office Design: Inspiring Designs -Not A Pot Plant In sight -That Are Both Staff-Centric AND Commercially Viable.

Workspace Analysis
Working closely with your management team to understand your business requirement and vision. We undertake an in-depth study of your existing workplace so that we can fully understand the brief and create proposed solutions for better ways of working.

Office Interior Design
Creative office design will enable you to use your space efficiently, improve interaction, staff motivation and a sense of belonging and can hopefully save you money.

Office Space Planning
Our Office space planning experience can transform a cramped workplace into a space with room for your collegues to feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

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