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In a city as space starved as Mumbai, it’s a rare treat to dine at a restaurant which makes you feel comfortable. Now don’t get me wrong. The comfort factor here is not the one of bean-bags; it stems from the fact that the design makes the transition from ergonomic to chic seamlessly. The credit for creating such a beautiful and harmonious place goes to Mrs. Madhavi Baxi of …….. The creators of this fine dining place wanted to give their patrons a mixed bag of experiences, with the fusion cuisine on offer, which is reflected effortlessly in the décor

As you enter FireBowl-4, the first thing that your mind notices is the shock of brilliant red which is the mainstay of the décor. Unlike the multitudes of eateries which use red and gold in a blatant attempt to “Chinafy” themselves, here, red is used as a solid base on which the other facets can stand out and shine. Here, red is interspersed with cool blue tiles and fierce golden dragons. The Buddhist undertones are as subtle as the Prana that runs throughout the body. Without any one aspect overwhelming the others, the perfect blend of ancient Chinese design and modern aesthetics is achieved. The materials used have a wide range. The main entrance exemplifies it best, being constructed with tiles, cloth, sun-mica, cut-work and detailed acrylic work, all coming together to form a collage. These incongruous materials are used in such proportions and with appropriate spacing, so as to be pleasing to the eye.

When you choose the seating, be it the booth, table or couple’s table, you are left wondering whether to sit beside the tranquil and solemn Buddha statue or the lovely Ming-esque vases or the enchanting paintings. Eventually you’ll find yourself veering towards the Chinese chairs and you’ll find them “oh so comfy”! As you dig into the scrumptious wontons or oyster chicken gravy or any of the other delicacies on offer, you notice the luxuriously polished wooden beams that run across the ceiling and the tasteful lighting that lends the place an elegant ambience. All the elements come together in perfect balance to form a euphonic symphony that serenades you. So, when are you planning to visit?

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