Estimate for Interior Decoration


It usually demands a significant amount of attention to detail and it involves much more than just the decoration of the interior of the spaces. The design projects address much wider issues including: Design and maximization of space, Eco-friendly build and renovation, Ceiling and lighting options, Power and plumbing systems, And even commissioning data and voice communications systems to meet demand.

Quantity take-offs for interior finishes measure all the visible surfaces within a building. This includes the ceiling, flooring, and walls. Each space or room within a building should be independently taken-off. A simple matrix similar to a Room Finish Schedule should be developed. This may require more upfront work to create this tool, however, it is often helpful in case an assumption of a space is incorrect or changes are requested. The room matrix can be easily adjusted without having to perform more takeoffs.

Ceilings and Flooring are measured by the horizontal square footage (SQ FT). Wall Base is measured by the perimeter of the space, or linear footage (LN FT). Wall tile, wall treatment, and painting are measured by the vertical square footage (SQ FT). There are some unique items that may be counted (EACH) or carried as an allowance (ALLO) at this point in the estimating process.

For spaces that are square or rectangular, it is simple to calculate the area by multiplying the width by the length. Often there are irregular spaces that require more complex geometry calculations, especially spaces that have angular or curved walls. When measuring irregular spaces, an estimator should measure slightly beyond the room, especially at cut-outs to account for waste and slower production rates at these areas. There are several take-off software programs out in the market and within the industry that can assist in calculating these types of spaces. If the ceiling and flooring are measured on the same floor plan, use a hatch pattern for one of the two items and a solid color for the other to help distinguish them from each other.

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